Airplane, airplane, fly me away

We’re en route to San Francisco, staying with a friend living in San Jose. We received terrible treatment at the hands of the airport, but my first experience flying with Alaska Airlines was just great. I was surprised at how efficiently they ran things, even being a small airline.

Of course, my most hilarious mishap was at a pizza stand. This God-awful hag, with a hypocritical mocking smile on her face had the audacity to say rude and dirty things about my family and the other customers waiting in line, straight to our faces. She hid behind a perceived language barrier, but I understood every word she said. Don’t you find that irritating when people assume you can’t understand them and just blurt out rude things? I’ve had really similar experiences dealing with Vietnamese-American immigrants. My mom works as a nail tech, therefore she receives quite a bit of experience with Asian-American nail artists. There’s a bit of stigma in the community against white women protruding into, what is perceived, as an Asian-American only area of business. It’s somewhat interesting, if infuriating at times. Feh.

I’ve really had a great experience on the way, although I surprised myself when we flew into San Jose. For some reason, I had it in my head that we were flying into the San Francisco airport, so, indeed, coming into San Jose left me very confused. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to a change in scenery. Things are looking up 🙂


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