What’s the meaning of the New Year?

I’ve started this blog post several times. I don’t really understand what keeps stopping me from writing this post. I suppose it’s just my own personal indecisiveness. By making concrete New Year’s resolutions, I feel like I’m setting myself up for failure. I’m afraid of failing myself, through not upholding my resolutions.

So I’ve come up with a compromise for myself. I’ll just create some general guidelines for myself. That way I can’t really fail per se, just not do as well as I had hoped. Alright, let’s go:

1. I want to do a lot of work this year on my garden. I’m preparing a compost pile, hopefully one that will yield some nice compost pretty soon. I’m also planning to start up an herb and vegetable garden this spring. I’m going to get some mint, some rosemary, some sage, maybe some thyme. Then I’d really really like to get some big ol’ squash going. Maybe a few cucumbers as well. Yum!

2. I’m going to take and do well on the English Language, US History and German AP tests.

3. I’m going to take and do well on the SAT.

4. This year is going to be about being healthy. I want to exercise more. I want to focus more on nutrition.

5. I quit eating meat nearly a year ago. I want to make this year about cooking and making being veg fabulous.

6. Read more. More of everything, primarily more fiction. This past year, I sacrificed much of my reading for school and for non-fiction, but I want to widen my knowledge of literature, as well as sharpen my literary mind.



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