Vejew-what? Poly-where now?

A vejewtarian is someone who eats latkes but passes on the brisket on shabbos.

I’m a Conservative-Jewish, Marxist, humanitarian, ‘ukulele playing polyglot. How’s that for stuffing oneself in a box? As far as my vegetarianism, I plan to expand on my ethics behind it eventually, but for now, I’ll say that I don’t eat any kind of fish, poultry, red meat, eggs or gelatin. At some point, I’d really really like to go 100% vegan, but I’m not physically or economically able to, right now. For now, I do my best to eat as little dairy as possible, but if I can’t avoid it, I give in.

I’m Jewish, somewhere between a convert and a Jew-by-blood. I do have Jewish blood, but it’s not on my mother’s side, so many wouldn’t consider me a valid Jew. To make it “official” I went ahead and became a convert as well. I’m following a conservative lifestyle. Essentially this means that, instead of trying to keep practicing the mitzvahs like they have been for ages, we try to apply them in modern life.

I’m what I like to call a radical or revolutionary Marxist. Basically I’m an anarcho-communist, but I reject a lot of later communist teachings, and I’m becoming very wary of the label “communist,” because it has a Maoist/Stalinist undertones, and I want to distance myself as far as possible from that stuff.

I also play ‘ukulele! ‘Ukulele is my favorite, it makes me very happy 🙂 Other than playing ‘ukulele, I really enjoy Hawai‘ian ‘ukulele music, Jamaican and Hawai‘ian reggae, and most genres of punk and metal.

And my other passion is polyglottery! Polyglot is a word that means “many languages.” I really like languages, I’ve really been studying one language or another since I was 10 or so. Right now, I’ve got some knowledge of American Signed Language, Danish, Italian, Esperanto, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Hawai‘ian, Vietnamese and Greek.

I’m also a big reader. I love reading most genres, but I can be pretty critical of Fantasy and Sci-fi. It’s just really tough to find well written bits of those genres very tough to find. My biggest interests are in magical realism and historical fiction, but like I said, I’m down for anything.


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